Whether you run your own business or are employed by a company there are inevitably things that fall further and further down your ‘To Do’ list.  They ARE important, you know that, but there are never enough hours in the day to bring them to the top of your list as a priority.

Marketing is a great example.  You’re  busy, you are firefighting most days just to get essential tasks done, orders sent out, customer queries answered.  To grow the business you need to market yourself more, have a regular newsletter, let clients know what you’re up to. But it tends to be sporadic with no real plan or focus and slips by the wayside.

Social media.  This is a constantly evolving area and it’s hard to keep on top of the developments.  You’re never that sure of what to post,when to post, which mediums to use. So again, you have fits and starts but there’s no consistency or commitment to it.

Market research.  This can be monotonous and very time consuming but you need to know what the latest trends in your market are, what competitors are doing so you can stay ahead.  But you’re too busy so you keep an eye on Facebook and hope for the best.

Business cards.  How many have you collected and are now lying in your desk drawer?  You know putting them on your database, connecting on LinkedIn and following up with them is key.  But this is rarely a priority especially if your database needs tidying up and doesn’t even link to your MailChimp account properly anyway.  That is ALWAYS a job for another day.

All of this leaves you feeling you’re not doing a good job, you never get everything done and you think about the many missed opportunities.

BUT how would it feel if you could delegate all of that to someone else?

How would it feel if your ‘To Do’ list was finished every week?

How much would your business grow and benefit from all of the necessary tasks being completed?

What kind of difference would this make to you mentally as well as to your bottom line?


Why not see how different you feel delegating that to us so you always have MORE TIME?


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