We all want to learn new skills, but let’s face it there’s lots of things that can stop us; fear, time, unsure of where to start – the list goes on.

I have wanted to start making videos for social media now for ages.  It is the THING that everyone is talking about, social media is prioritising and I knew I needed to JUST DO IT.  But all of the above reasons held me back; I was too busy to learn, I was scared of looking like an idiot in front of the world and so I put it off.  That is until last week!

A Business Coach that I work with, who is super confident on camera and a great interviewer asked to interview me live on Facebook.  I could have said no, but I knew I needed to take the plunge and do it.

The primary reason that I said yes, was because of the topic ‘how to get things done and increase your productivity.’  Now this is an area I am more than comfortable with, I’m good at it which makes me confident to talk about it. So my rationale was that I would be relaxed enough to talk about something I am passionate about and feel I can help people with which would hopefully mean I would do a good job! I also knew the interviewer would support me and help me out if I became tongue tied!

I did my prep, watched other videos to pick up some tips, made notes and do you know what? I actually enjoyed it! Having re-watched the video, it was by no means perfect, but I feel like I came across well and gave people some great takeaways (you may disagree when you watch it!).  But it made me realise that by combining a strength with an area you need to work on or develop makes things so much easier.  Sometimes we can look at our areas of growth in isolation and forever put off working on them, but looking at them as part of a bigger picture means learning can be a lot easier.

I’ve taken away lots of learning points and things I would do differently next time, and now I’m actually looking forward to my next ‘live!’

If you’d like to watch my interview, I’ve popped it below.  I’ve also linked to Liz’s FB group which is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs looking for support.



Is there anything you’d like to learn and have been putting off?  Could you combine it with a strength?


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