Your business is performing brilliantly – great, exactly what you want.  BUT, you are working hard, too hard and the work-life balance you imagined when you set up your own business is way off.  You want to continue to grow, build on your success but taking on an employee is a daunting prospect.

For a start you’ll need to find them somewhere to work, some office space as well as the necessary equipment, maybe a computer and a phone. You’ll need to start not only paying a regular salary, but also NI contributions, holiday, statutory sick and potentially maternity pay etc.

You haven’t got time to sort all of that out, you need help NOW.  You need someone experienced, someone who can hit the ground running and doesn’t need a lot of training.

In the back of your mind you’re wondering what will happen if you have a quiet month, how will you make payroll?  You don’t want to start eating into your hard earned profits.

This is where taking on a VA is the perfect solution……..

To start with it’s flexible.  You can specify the number of hours per week / per month and flex these.  This is ideal for quieter periods and means when revenue decreases, payroll costs can decrease too.

There’s no sick pay, holiday pay or other monetary obligations.  You have a freelancer agreement only which is provided by the VA.

Virtual means you don’t need to work in the same place, there’s no need to provide an office or equipment – they have it already. This is potentially a huge saving alone.

They come with lots of experience so you won’t need to invest time lots of time training them.  They are used to working with varied clients and picking things up quickly.

So if you need additional help in your business but want the most cost-effective solution a VA could very well be the answer!


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