One of the reasons that Moore Time was born was because there are so many things to do in your personal and business life and there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week!

Trying to get everything done at 100 miles an hour isn’t achievable long-term, and so we need to get savvier about how we can handle this and still achieve everything that needs to be done.

Having triplets, a business and a house to run means organised needs to be my middle name! So I thought I’d share my top tips to help you stay on top of things…


  • Take some time in the evening to brain-dump everything you need to get done. This will help clear your head as well as help you sleep better.  Writing things down stops the overwhelm which leads to procrastination!
  • Look at the time you have available the following day and the subsequent days in the week. Be realistic about how much time you actually have when you take out things like meetings, school runs etc. How many hours does this equate to?
  • I find it helpful to look at each day in hour blocks. This is my BIGGEST TIP as it really helps you maximise your time as you are conscious of every hour.
  • Using your brain-dump list, estimate how long each task will take and then prioritise tasks using 1-3. Group similar tasks into groups. I.e., all emails, all telephone calls, all invoices etc. This will mean you get more done rather than chopping and changing between tasks and your most important tasks are done first.
  • Allocate each group to a day but also a time period, so it might be you do all of your emails at 9.30am – 10.30am in the morning and then again between 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Check that your estimated time for completion actually fits in with the time you have available.
  • Turn off the things you don’t need i.e. social media, emails, notifications. These are the BIGGEST time stealers and distractions.  Once you’ve checked or posted what you need to, log off.  The effort required to log back on will put you off!
  • Tick each task as it done – we all love a good tick!
  • Reassess at the end of the day as to what you might need to carry over, or add tasks to the next day. Think about what went well.  Did doing your emails in hour blocks at the beginning of the day and then again at lunchtime stop you feeling like you were on your PC all day?  Did scrolling through your newsfeed steal 30 mins of your time?  Start being more conscious of what you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it.  30 mins spent scrolling Twitter could be a healthy, nutritious dinner cooked and on the table.
  • Refine and repeat the next day. It’s all about learning and doing better the next day. Slowly you will start to achieve more until it becomes second nature and you’ll find there’s more time to do the things you actually enjoy!

Modern day living can be STRESSFUL and HARD WORK, but we also have so many OPPORTUNITES and POSSIBILITIES that never existed before so it’s hard to regulate these and not feel overwhelmed. Being more disciplined in the day means you will have MOORE TIME, something we all want!

It’s also about being sensible about what’s stealing your time.  Does updating your website take much longer than you’d like it to?  Does writing newsletters take a few days because it takes time to gather the information, and then put it together?  Does marketing your business always get put on the backburner because you’re too busy actually working to think about where your next client is coming from? Being savvy is about using your time to best advantage NOT doing everything.

I hope this has helped give you a few ideas.  If you’d like a free chat about getting MOORE TIME in your working week, please give us a call!

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